Execu-care’s Affordable Hourly Coaching Service

  • Ever wish you could just think out load with someone smart?
  • Ever just need an outsider’s view to help clarify an emotionally charged work situation?
  • Ever wanted someone to help with a reality check or help you get unstuck?
  • Ever wanted to discuss a business or personal idea in a confidential environment?
  • Ever wanted someone to provide evidence that that you have NOT lost your mind?

Execu-care is proud to offer Thinking-Out-Loud™, our affordable hourly coaching service that allows you to get just a little help, just when you need it. Thinking-Out-Loud™ is designed to help professionals get little doses of coaching or consulting to solve real, daily life problems in real time. Our coaches are all experienced, well educated professionals.

Thinking-Out-Loud™’s confidential services are provided on the phone or on-line in 1 hour increments by Execu-care staff and affiliates*. Signing up is simple. Call or email a request asking for a particular coach or subject expert. We’ll confirm a coach and appointment time, you charge your Thinking-Out-Loud™ session on-line and then, stand by to get some relief from Thinking-Out-Loud™.

For more information or to schedule a chance at Thinking-Out-Loud™, please call us at 626.644.7745 or email To pay for your scheduled appointment, please click below.

*New clients have a one-time 90 minute requirement for first time use.

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Last updated: May 2, 2005
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